It's Spring...Sort of!

Spring seemed to have set in a little early this year until our recent bout of cold weather and a little snow! Here are a few things to keep in mind as we move into some warmer weather!

Now is the time to make sure you're on the spring cleanup list! Double check that you got your contract turned in and call with any timing preferences. During cleanups your beds will be re-edged, cleaned out, and mulched. Any pruning needed will also be performed during spring cleanups. If you have any specific preferences with your pruning make sure we know about it ahead of time. Also make sure we know if you have any specific mulch color preferences.

Start thinking about annual plant material selections. If you would like any plants that are more out of the ordinary you'll want to order them well ahead of the summer season. Most of your typical plant varieties will be available all summer at numerous greenhouses and box stores. While they are usually a pretty reliable collection they can be a little mundane. Collect photos of what you like and work from there. Keep in mind for the plant varieties you're looking at they each have specific growth preferences. Be aware of what kind of environment you will be planting in. Most tropical plants don't really need a ton of water. Often times they need to fully dry out between waterings. They will also require a more sandy soil to grow in to stay healthy. Other plant varieties may be more thirsty and require more compacted soil. 

Fertilizing the lawn should happen close to the first of April. The industry standard is to include a crabgrass pre emergent in the first round of fertilizer. In order to take advantage of the weed control included in this application it can't be applied too early. If you have any spring grass seeding you were planning on getting done make sure there isn't any pre emergent put down in the yard. The product is designed to prevent seeds from germinating which includes grass!

Mole control will need to be done as soon as it warms up. You will notice mole activity in the very early spring, which conveniently is the best time to start treating them. A moles primary diet consists of earth worms. While they will eat grubs if available, just because you have moles doesn't mean you have grubs!

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